Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tertarik !

Hey , Lama sangat tak update BELOG !
Assalamualaikum and Hi there !

Look , I'm On My way to Kuala Lumpur here .. 
Sempat lagi nak tulis something ..
Actually , Tertarik dengan two things .. 

 Bukan ni lha .. <3

Yang ni ..

  Ni , Molossia ~

Molossia is the smallest Republic in the world if I'm not mistaken ..
The Molossian Nation was founded on May 26th, 1977 I. Known at that time as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein, James Spielman was declared King James I, and Kevin Baugh was declared Prime Minister. After a short period of sporadic activity the nation entered into a period of dormancy. King James I, though still monarch, ceased to be active in the kingdom at that time. The Kingdom continued on, without the direct participation of the King, and continued to be developed by the Prime Minister. In 1980 III it was renamed the Kingdom of Edelstein, and in 1988 XI it was renamed again, this time as the Kingdom of Zaria. The Kingdom existed as a nomadic government, without a home. Carried on by the Prime Minister, the Government traveled to Europe. While in Europe, and after its return from Europe in 1992 XV, the Kingdom prospered and grew culturally. 

Cool Tak ?

Then .. One more ..

Tanner Patrick babe .. 
Sumpah adorable this guy .. Boleh buat the fanatic melts .. Hua ='::)
Gorgeous when he did the cover Paradise by Coldplay ..
I realise when youtubing , Erk , ye ke ? , Foster the people , Helena Beat .. Pumped up Kicks .. He is awesome .. 
Byebye biebir , Welcome Tanner :)

That's all .. Assalamualaikum ..
Otw , KL here I come ..

enedreme2210 , 

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