Saturday, 26 November 2011

I respect Him So much ^^ =)

Thanks to him . .

Okay , now. . I do realise with what I did before. . Might be I'm so selfish and didn't think about what people said . . But, I know that I make a big mistakes ever in my life now. . Trying to change steps by steps from now ! I need people to help me ., give a right way . , Oh Allah, show me the right path . . Tonight, I got a great inspiration from a true friend who I respect . . Since we were kids, we did know each others, until I met him back in my school . . Oh ! The world is so small . . I remembered the first time I met him in a primary school , he is so perfect ! Remind me when our class teacher picked him as a class monitor and me, as his assistant. . When I started working with him, can I say WHOAH ? . Hurm, he is fantastic when doing his duty . . Responsible is a part of his life I guess .

Well, come back to my real life, then I started to know him back in form 2 I guess. . He does't change at all . Just his a bit matured I thought . . He performs well . . Better than me. .

Now,  I think that I did a wrong thing in my life . . I don't know why I turned myself from the real me      to the one I can't detect . . WHY AM I LIKE THIS ? ? . You remind me to the real me my friend . . Thanks . . You did give me advices and guide me . . I know where is my mistakes now ! Thanks ,.

Ariff Sufi ! You are so great and I will always respect you my dear friend . . Nothing can change me , unless I change myself . . Inshaallah with your help and others , I can do a magic . . Sorry for not being a good leader . . And I will always remember what you said .

from the right , ARIFF SUFI =)

Kita duduk atas sejadah.
give out urseld 100% to god
remember what had we did.
Cry for it.
ALLAH akan ampunkan
ALLAH Maha Pengampuunkan?
Sometime, a small change do make a big difference. .
a friend that can really lead u. .
all Praise To Allah ned.
XOXO , enedrem ,27nov,0043

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